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How to be proactive in protecting the interests of your company, its reputation, and its financial interests

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Money laundering experiences in different European countries. Anti-corruption policies of companies and how to follow them

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Financial Monitoring

Be an exemplary player in the financial market by working without violations, getting no fines, and keeping your license

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Our lecturers60

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In creating YouControl, we aimed to make the business environment more transparent. For over 10 years, YouControl has been Ukraine’s No.1 open data company, providing analysis services to businesses and individuals and teaching business and investigative journalists how to use open data constructively. As part of our commitment to our digital future, we cooperate with students from over 55 Ukrainian universities and three foreign ones.

As a result, our passion for learning and our desire to share our experience gradually expanded beyond Ukraine, ultimately leading to the establishment of YouControl Academy. Currently, we have lecturers from over 20 countries willing to share their years of experience and real-life case studies. Thatʼs only the beginning! You donʼt have to repeat the same mistakes repeatedly to succeed as a compliance officer. You can learn from the best now.

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We believe that our experience, our lecturers, and our students will help us in promoting transparency in the global business environment, fostering a culture of awareness, and building a community of international compliance professionals.

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